The Crüxshadows rely heavily on DJs and promoters worldwide to introduce our music to new fans and keep us in the consciousness of our old fans.  We place a priority on getting our music into the hands of the tastemakers. If you are a DJ and are willing to play Crüxshadows regularly in your sets, we would like to insure that you have the tracks to do it.

All that we require is that you send us an email with the following information.

DJ Name
City (or region) and country you most often DJ in and how often typically.
A link to your event website, DJ Myspace, or online playlists or similar,
(there must be a contact email address on the site for verification purposes)

And that's it.  We will send you a link and a password, and you will have access to downloadable song files from Crüxshadows. Please be patient, sometimes we can send links quickly, sometimes not.

We thank you for your interest in The Crüxshadows, and hope we can help you pack your dancefloor.

Please feel free to direct other DJs to us as well.

send email to: info at